The mission of Film Las Cruces is to promote and develop the film and entertainment arts industries in Doña Ana County and Southern New Mexico.

The primary objectives of Film Las Cruces Include:

  • Maintain a film liaison office focused on the development and promotion of the film and entertainment arts industries in the City of Las Cruces, Doña Ana County, and Southern New Mexico.
  • Promote and assist in the development of film and entertainment arts production infrastructure in Las Cruces and Doña Ana County.
  • Collaborate with regional academic institutions, professional film workforce development organizations, and the community to develop and sustain a trained film and entertainment arts workforce.
  • Maintain a comprehensive location, crew, and vendor support database.
  • Support community education about the film and entertainment arts industries.
  • Support local filmmakers.


Jon Foley

Las Cruces Film Liaison

Jon@filmlascruces.com // 575-805-3456

Chris Sheppard

Operations Coordinator

Chris@filmlascruces.com // 575-805-3456

Ian Simon

Film Las Cruces Studios Coordinator

Ian@filmlascruces.com // 575-805-3456


Jeff Steinborn

State Senator

Matt Byrnes


Chair of DACC Digital Imaging & Design Technology (CMT)

Russ Smith


Chair Project Mainstreet

Cathie Fern

Chairperson of SCORE Las Cruces

Pepper Gallegos

Professional Makeup/Hair and Special Effects Makeup Artist / IATSE Local 480 Trustee

Rajeev Nirmalakhandan

Director, CMI

Stephen Osborn

Filmmaker, Photographer, CMT

Mark Vasconcellos

Actor, Director, Bigbask Productions

Lamaia Vaughn


Dan Williams

Writer, Grip, CMT, IATSE

Constance Hasapopoulos

Actress, Writer, A Children’s Theatre Founder

Max Bower

Real Estate Developer, Venture Capitalist

Irene Oliver-Lewis

Ex-Officio Board Member
Artist, Arts Advocate, Founder Alma de Arte

Mark Medoff

Ex-Officio Board Member
Director, Actor, Screenwriter, Playwright, CMI